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CNC machining specialists delivering high-quality parts and components to Singapore businesses in the fields of engineering, construction, mining, medical, and more. Precise CNC machining services with fast delivery within 10 working days.

CNC Machining & Milling Singapore

Monster Builder provides CNC milling and CNC machining services that help local businesses in Singapore to create precision parts with high tolerance specifications (+/- 0.1mm).


CNC machining allows us to leverage state-of-the-art technology to deliver rapid prototyping to our clients using aluminium to stainless steel, brass, copper, plastics, as well as custom CNC precision parts.


We partner with innovators, designers, and businesses across a broad range of industries including Medical, Aerospace, Transport, Mining, Construction, and Infrastructure to provide high-performance parts with exceptional accuracy. With an in-house design and manufacturing team, we can deliver rapid CNC machining and CNC milling services in Singapore with a rapid turnaround of just 10 working days.

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Proceed with fabrication, deliver within 10 working days

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Our CNC Machining Specialists Work With

CNC machining is the gold-standard manufacturing solution for the production of high-performance parts that are both accurate and durable. With computer-programmed execution, CNC machining reduces the margin of error for produced parts, which is ideal for a range of industries where precision is an absolute necessity.



Our CNC machining services produce parts that achieve the high standards of repair and maintenance for aeroplanes, helicopters, drones, and other aerial equipment.


CNC machining can assist in the creation of high-grade surgical instruments and medical equipment such as customised prosthetics or implants for patients.


CNC machined parts and components for the transportation industry, including axles, wheels, valve retainers, and more.


Parts for use in construction work and equipment can be produced with our CNC machining services, ensuring durable and accurate results.


Customised components for mining machinery including gear blanks, bearing seals, pulley systems, and more pieces for high performance.


We work closely with clients in the infrastructure sector to provide CNC machined parts to meet specific engineering requirements.

Our Clients

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Comprehensive CNC machining service

End to end means end to end - we cover all aspects of the project - from the initial design of prototypes, to the production and delivery of the finalised parts. Our team of engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the delivered product meets all specifications.

Quick turnaround and delivery

Once the provided quote has been accepted, we work quickly to start the production of the design. Most orders can be fulfilled within a turnaround period of 8 business days, after which we will proceed with an inspection for quality control before dispatching the parts for delivery to your business in Singapore.

Cutting-edge machining technology

We utilise industry-leading technology across our services including 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, metal fabrication and CNC machining processes in order to ensure laser accuracy in the cutting and production of all our orders, allowing us to achieve tolerances of up to +/-0.1mm.


Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you turnaround CNC machining?

We can turn around CNC machining in Singapore in just 10 working days. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that can turn around CNC milling and machining as fast as us. What’s more, we’re not just about fast turnaround times – we’re also about precision and lasting quality.

CNC machining vs. 3D printing – which is better for me?

Choosing between CNC machining and 3D printing comes down to what you’re wanting to do. 3D printing is a fast way to produce parts for fit and finish which can be used in testing. For parts that require a higher level of finish, CNC machining is usually the better option because the final machined part only needs post-process heat treatment.


Both CNC machining and 3D printing can be used with a wide range of materials like plastics and metals. With that said, 3D printing is typically more focussed on plastics and is a better option for testing fitment and for rapid prototyping. Although our turnaround time on CNC milling and machining and 3D printing are virtually identical (10 working days vs. 8 working days), 3D printing is still an easier and more cost-effective option when the final finish isn’t as important.

What types of materials can you work with for CNC machining?

We can work with a wide range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, plastics, as well as custom CNC precision parts. Based on your requirements, our team of in-house CNC machining specialists will provide you with some suggestions to help you achieve your desired outcome. Your application and budget will ultimately dictate which material is best.

How accurate are the results of the CNC machining?

Our CNC machining equipment is state-of-the-art, allowing us to achieve a tolerance of +/-0.01mm for both metal and plastic parts. This ensures that we can deliver the high degree of accuracy that is expected and required in many of the industries that we service.