Our Services

fabrication and prototyping

CNC Machining

Advanced CNC turning, milling, drilling and welding techniques

Sheet Metal

Large and small scale manufacturing utilizing advanced cutting techniques.

3D Printing

Efficient and budget-friendly approach for creating and testing prototypes

Vacuum casting

High-detail casting technique: liquid material molded precisely using vacuum technology


Pressing metal sheets to shape with dies, efficient mass production method

injection molding

Forcing melted material into molds to craft precise, mass-produced items

Metal casting

Liquid metal molded to desire shape, cooled, and solidified for objects

aluminum tube

Aluminium Fabrication

Singapore’s leading Aluminium Sheet Fabrication service provider.


Quality fabrication

rapid turnaround

advanced Technology

Transforming Concepts into Reality

Step One:

Whatsapp or Email your drawings

Step Two:

Receive quotation within 24 hours

Step Three:

Once the quote is approved, we proceed with fabrication and deliver within 10 working days

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